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Kashubian Griffins

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The history of the Kashub people who immigrated from their European homeland of Kaszëbë / Kashubia started in the year 1858. The Kashub people settled the Opeongo Colonization Road and later across the Madawaska & Bonnechere Valleys. From Kaszëbë / Kashubia they brought their native Kashubian language and their Kashubian traditions. You can still hear fifth and sixth generation Kashubs speaking the Native Kashubian language in Wilno, Barry’s Bay, Combermere, Round Lake, Hopefield, Paugh Lake, Kalisz and Halfway. The Kashubs in Europe have a very strong Slavic identity which stands on its own and in the same Slavic families as the Czech, Wendish, Polish, and Slovak. The Kashubs are a very strong and proud Slavic Nation. The descendants of the first Kashubian pioneers who settled Canada’s Kashubia starting in 1859 are proud to be connected to this nation in Europe. Kashubian Canadians are proud to represent the Kashub Nation and the Fatherland of Kaszëbë / Kashubia in Europe, through the game of hockey, Canada’s game. The Kashubian Griffins Hockey Club proudly promote all things Kashubian, the Kashub people, the Kashubian nationality,culture, traditions, identity and their ancestral homeland of Kaszëbë / Kashubia. Proud to be Canadian and proud of their Kashubian roots.

The Kashubian National Emblem is the black griffin. The National Colours of the Kashubian Nation are Gold and Black.

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The descendants of Kashubia and the Kashubian Nation proudly play for the Kashubian Griffins in the Opeongo Heritage Cup against the Algonquin Nation, the Irish Nation and the German Nation.

The Kashubian National Flag is a black stripe on top and a yellow stripe on the bottom.
Kashubian Griffins Open Team – 2024
Kashubian Griffins Open Team – 2023
Kashubian Griffins Women’s Team – 2023

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