Canada’s Multicultural Hockey Tournament

OHC Eligibility Requirements

There are various eligibility requirements every player must satisfy before being permitted to play in the Opeongo Heritage Cup. The Player Eligibility Rules are put in place to ensure we preserve the standards, meaning, and cultural significance of the tournament.

The Four Nations that compete in the Opeongo Heritage Cup are the Algonquin Thunderbirds, the German Black Eagles, the Irish Shamrocks, and the Kashubian Griffins. Players must have a direct heritage/ancestral relation to one of the four nations to be considered eligible. The Players ancestors must have also resided within an area defined by telephone exchanges that covers both the Bonnechere Valley and Madawaska Valley, dating back to the 1800s.

All players are required to fill out an Eligibility Form, indicating they’re eligible to play in the tournament. Once all declared on the form is verified by tournament officials, the player is then eligible to play. Forms must be submitted to the Opeongo Heritage Cup for all new players prior to the tournament in order to verify eligibility. Forms can be submitted by the player themselves or by their Nation / Team representative(s).


Undeclared Goalie Eligibility

Goalies who are not eligible to play under the eligibility rules, may qualify to enter the tournament as an undeclared goalie. See below for the requirements;